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 MIDSUMMER MEADOW      18 X 24 in       

  STONECHAT ON HAMPTON RIDGE       12 x 16in     SOLD      

  MIDWINTER GOLDFINCHES, NEW FOREST      6 x 12in         

  COMMON BLUE AND HAREBELLS      10 x 12in      SOLD

  DORSET HILLSIDE, THE RED ADMIRAL        10 x 8 in          

    CHALKHILL BLUES     10 x 12in        

 FOREST BUTTERFLIES      16 x 20in       

 THE  NIGHTJAR       8 x 10in    SOLD

 SMALL HEATH AND COMMON BLUE      8 x 10 in       

 DURLSTON WILDFLOWER MEADOW       20 x 30 in        SOLD

 RED ADMIRALS, HOMINGTON DOWN         18 x 36 in

THE MOUNTAIN RINGLET      5.5 x 10 in

 BUTTERFLIES ON THE DEVON COAST      16 x 12  in        SOLD

 FIELDFARES AND REDWINGS          16 x 30  in            

 FIELDS OF GOLD, MARTIN DOWN     20 x 36  in             

 THISTLEFIELD   18 X 24 in

  EGRETS  ON THE SHORELINE, LEPE      24 x 12 in      SOLD

 WRENS      10 X 12 in       SOLD

DINGY SKIPPERS        8 x 10 in