Hilary Tratt paintings

Hilary grew up in Devon, attended Dartington College of Arts and The Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Moving to the New Forest in 1988, provided an endless source of visual inspiration.

“Exploring the wilder parts of Britain has always been a passion and I very much enjoy the chance encounters with the animals and plants that live there. I try to capture the excitement of those meetings in my paintings. I’m particularly interested in smaller creatures and the  close up patterns of plants.”

  “In order to create a painting, the eye and brain has to study the subject in an almost trancelike state, you become totally absorbed in representing the 3D shapes and textures before you, using lines and colour on paper and sometimes as if by magic, a pleasing result materialises!

Hilary works mainly in pen and ink and watercolour, and has exhibited at various galleries, including : Blackheath Art Society, New Forest Painters Exhibition, New Forest Centre, St.Barbe’s Museum, Four Seasons Art (Exbury Gardens), Ringwood Art Society and The Red House Museum.

Her Paintings have been published by Langford Press in the book ‘The New Forest Painters’ by Georgina Babey, along with the five other artists in the group.

 Sizes are the painting image size in inches. Framed size approx. 4 inches bigger.                      Email hctratt@icloud.com

Hoopoes  7 x 8

  Oystercatchers On the Shore 11 x 7

  The Robin       SOLD

  Showing Off, Mandarin Ducks   13 x 10

 Avocet Antics  8 x 11

Contemplation     SOLD

   Southern Yellow Billed Hornbill  10 x 7

  Grey Herons in the Reeds  9 x 8

   Phezz  Not for Sale

    Guinea Fowl  10 x 7

 The Tasty Caterpillar  10 x 5

    Rocking Robins   9 x 7

   Grey Wagtails   11 x 8

 Goldfinch Trio  8 x 8

 Three Egrets  12 x 8  SOLD

 Hide and Seek    SOLD

 The Sir John Barleycorn   7 x 5

 The Red Admiral 5 x 6  

 Waiting for Choir Practise    SOLD

 Song Thrush Studies  10 x 7

   Signs of Spring, Brimstone and Early Thorn 11 x 6      

    Redshanks    9 x 12  

  Fallow Deer   SOLD

 Lapwings   SOLD

   Wren Sketches  8 x 5

   Longtailed Tit  8 x 6

   Oystercatchers    SOLD

   Shelducks  9 x 7  SOLD

   Longtails   7 x 9   SOLD

    Red Squirrels  13 x 9

 Amid the Trees, Roe deer  13 x 10

       Song Thrush Trio 12 x 9

  Secretive Bitterns 12 x 9

  Squirrel in Winter 6 x7

  Guinea Fowl at Midday   SOLD

Watchful Kingfishers  10 x 9
Pheasant Rivals  14 x 11